When a Dominant mom, auntie or Mistress decides to teach a male a lesson, nothing stings more than a good old fashioned bare bottom spanking. Never doubt the fury of women who spank men and pray that it's not YOUR ass they're going to work on! Like female spanking males pictures? Then have a look at our excellent gallery of corporal punishment pictures!
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Auntie Spanks Boys Hard!

"Auntie Claire was no stranger to using corporal punishment on her naughty nephews. One day she came home and found her sister's boy Frankie masturbating to some hardcore mature porn. "You little pervert!" she screamed as she yanked down his pants and put him over her knee "I'll spank your bare bottom till you can't sit down for a week!" Poor Frankie kicked and struggled but Auntie Claire had a firm grasp of his arms. "Stop kicking!" she yelled "Or I'll get your father's belt and REALLY tan your bottom!" Auntie Claire spanked and spanked until poor Frankie was crying so loud his mother came upstairs and looked in. And what did she do? She took him across HER lap and gave him a few good smackings as Auntie Claire stood there and encouraged her on! ..."

Black Mistress Spanks White Boys

"Mistress Teisha makes a good living spanking and punishing rich white boys on the west side of town. "I make the little worms drop their britches and then I go to work on those pale bare asses with my cane and straps" she says "You're damn straight I make these fucking white perverts pay for their sins! And they better BEG for my forgiveness, any white boy who doesn't show the proper respect to his Mistress will need a new ass when I'm done with him!" They better behave, because Mistress Teisha's spanking abilities are legend among femdom fans in the city!
women who spank men picture
women who spank men picture

I Paddle Wimp Husbands!

"Many of my male clients are the wimp husbands of rich and powerful women" says Mistress Francine, one of Detroit's meanest spanking Mistresses "They're tired of yelling at the worthless duds so they send them to me for a little corporal punishment. Nothing TOO extreme, mind you, just a good spanking and paddling to help them remember to mind their wives around the house. Most these guys are pin dicks and can't even get it up anymore, so bending them over and burning their asses is quite satisfying and fun!" Wow! Rich women paying to have their husband's spanked! How wild is that? ..."

Men Get Spanked Here!

"I used to be the wife of a fat lazy son of a bitch who never got off the couch. He'd watch football all day long and drink beer by the case. Until one day I got up the courage to ask a girlfriend of mine to help with a little project. What was it? We drugged my husband and took him down stairs. Then we stripped him naked and tied him across a bench. For the next three days we smoked crack, fucked each other right in front of him and spanked his ass with every implement I could find. The fucker! You should of heard him bawling like a baby! It was GREAT! Yeah, I'm a woman who spanks men and LOVE IT!"
women who spank men picture
women who spank men picture

I Spank Sissy Husbands!

"Women who spank men? Yeah, I'm one" says Mistress Jillet "But with a difference. I spank sissy husbands! Rich women in this city pay me to feminize their proud husbands into little sissy bitches and then whip the shit out of them! Take this sissy I got tied here to my cross. He is a banker in his real life, but at home his wife feels he's a wimp. She even came home and caught him masturbating to pictures of boys wearing dresses and sucking each other's cocks. She asked me to spank and flog the living crap out of his ass until he promised to quit looking at gay porn. Will it work? Who cares! I just love spanking sissy husbands till they CRY like little girls and BEG me to stop!"

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